Performance comparisons: FreeBSD 7.1-R vs. 8.x

The files here depict results of testing a software build workload that is performed under FreeBSD, and is important to my employer.

When we migrated the build machines' environmewnt from 6.2-R to 7.1-R, we saw about a 35% reduction in build time, attributable solely to that software change.

I was, therefore, unpleasantly surprised to find about a 20% increase in elapsed time when I was able to test FreeBSD8.1-STABLE r214029. I posted a note about this to; ref. the archived copy.

In this directory, we have:

A copy of the raw data, showing the output from time(1), in a tab-separated format, for several iterations of the build in question, in each of several different environments.
A simple text file that provides information as to the meanings of the various "environment tags" and how I abbreviated the data from time(1).
A directory containing both individual files extracted from data.txt, as well as ministat(1) plots; each of the latter has a filename that ends in ".plt".
A directory that contains "boxplots" generated with the R language, one for each datum produced from time(1), comparing the results for each of the different environments.